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immune response/reaction

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimmune response/reactionimmune response/reactionthe reaction of the body’s immune system to something that is harmful HIV is a progressive disease which the immune response ultimately fails to control. immune
Examples from the Corpus
immune response/reactionMany patients have a strong family history of allergies, which are genetic and involve excessive immune reaction.Other molecules, the happens, also generate an immune response.Significant numbers of larvae reach the lungs and migrate to the bronchioles where they are killed by the animal's immune response.The reason: The vitamin is involved in raising a healthy immune response.It is known which specific immune responses are required for therapeutic benefit, so we have proceeded cautiously.Discussion Coeliac disease probably represents an aberrant immune response by antigen specific T cells of the small intestine to certain cereal peptides.This immune response leads to the destruction of the beta cells that make insulin.Because histoplasmosis can mount an immune response, skin tests are often done.
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