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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimpassableim‧pass‧a‧ble /ɪmˈpɑːsəbəl $ ɪmˈpæ-/ adjective  TRAVELa road, path, or area that is impassable is impossible to travel along or through The mountains are impassable.
Examples from the Corpus
impassableQuite apart from the major wetlands, every valley bottom below a certain contour line must have been soggy and at times impassable.The moral gulf between the households was soon judged by Nana to be impassable.Were the roads really as impassable as he claimed?The alternative route down the locks became virtually impassable as the locks were allowed to deteriorate.There were so many drugs in the streets they were impassable at times.The introduction to this book said that the Himalayas have formed an impassable barrier in the distribution of Eastern wildlife.Roads became impassable for lack of maintenance.The flooding made many streets impassable Sunday.Beyond there the gorge walls are often vertical or steep slopes of rubble, impassable whatever the season.
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