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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimpasseim‧passe /æmˈpɑːs $ ˈɪmpæs/ noun [singular]  PROGRESSa situation in which it is impossible to continue with a discussion or plan because the people involved cannot agreeat an impasse The political process is at an impasse. Negotiations seemed to have reached an impasse.see thesaurus at progress
Examples from the Corpus
impasseIt was clear that the Soviet economy was at an impasse.On July 25, the situation seemed to have reached an impasse.an impasse between the US and its European trading partnersHall could break the embarrassing boardroom impasse at the Victoria Ground.Stock and bond markets recovered yesterday as investors focused on other issues besides the budget impasse.The continuing impasse in negotiations made military conflict seem likely.They were at the same impasse.There seemed no way to end the impasse over the Lockerbie affair.Their mistrust makes the prospects of overcoming the impasse all the more difficult.The impasse sent Hong Kong stocks plummeting and the colony's main stock index closed 5.1 percent lower.The answer to this impasse lies in a third way of knowing, one which is based on presuppositions.at an impasseWell, quite frankly, we are at an impasse here.Maybe that was why he had left things unresolved, their talk at an impasse.
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