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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimpendingim‧pend‧ing /ɪmˈpendɪŋ/ adjective  SOONan impending event or situation, especially an unpleasant one, is going to happen very soonimpending danger/doom/death/disaster etc She had a sense of impending disaster. impending changes in government legislation
Examples from the Corpus
impendingExtra troops were usually a sign of an impending attack.Further impending changes in government legislation may make the pressure experienced during the social security changes seem almost normal.An index with cards for species brought order to impending chaos.This tendency to associate - designed to warn us of impending danger-can in fact work against us.Nothing, she told herself, could be worse than this uncertainty, this sense of impending disaster.She met with her husband to discuss their impending divorce.We were sorry to hear about Arlene's impending divorce.warnings of an impending ecological disasterWhen they want to see fees generally jacked up, we get talk of impending evictions.Her independence was further underlined by an impending marriage, news of which she now shared with Taheb.The first the trainer knew of the impending purchase was when a fax from Minton was found in his office last Wednesday.impending danger/doom/death/disaster etcAnd my pounding heart served to give me a feeling of impending doom.His life was the voyage of a curious man, even as he anticipated his impending death.It lasted about a minute before fading and they both sensed a feeling of impending danger.It was this radar-like scanning of the night around him, which warned him of a new impending danger.No one wants to be the bearer of bad tidings, or the herald of impending doom.Nothing, she told herself, could be worse than this uncertainty, this sense of impending disaster.Unless, like most of us, you can not take your eyes off an impending disaster.It looked as if a bull had been turned loose, and a sense of impending doom gripped her.
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