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imperativeim‧per‧a‧tive1 /ɪmˈperətɪv/ adjective  1 IMMEDIATELYextremely important and needing to be done or dealt with immediately It is imperative that politicians should be good communicators.it is imperative (for somebody) to do something It is imperative to meet face to face with the client.2 technicalSLG an imperative verb is one that expresses an order, such as ‘stand up’imperatively adverb
Examples from the Corpus
imperativeTo exceed the limitations of the lens became imperative.When the writing begins, it is imperative that relevant research should be summarized.It was imperative that she should reach Dana before he did.It is imperative that we begin to end this harmful system of separation.We're expanding rapidly, and it's imperative that we function with more efficiency.But, for the reason just given, it is hardly imperative that we should.It is imperative that young and middle-aged adults confront their own and each other's ageism.He remains convinced that it is imperative to work hard on his swing.it is imperative (for somebody) to do somethingIt is even more imperative to keep good records.She knows that it is imperative for her to leave at once.
Related topics: Grammar
imperativeimperative2 noun [countable]  1 IMMEDIATELYsomething that must be done urgently A broad and balanced education is an imperative for raising standards.2 formalEFFECT/INFLUENCE an idea or belief that has a strong influence on people, making them behave in a particular way Sharing food is the most important moral imperative in Semai society.3 technicalSLG the form of a verb that expresses an order. For example, in the order ‘Come here’, ‘come’ is in the imperative.
Examples from the Corpus
imperativeReducing air pollution has become an imperative.Having children is a biological imperative.Attitudes, relationships and administrations owed much to the ethical imperatives of the playing fields.His first imperative always has been political survival.In Keynes's view, the great imperative was public works.Here the world system is perceived in terms of the strategic imperatives posed by geography.Lianne, a physician, should have known better than to ignore the Touch / Training imperatives.Often, however, the two imperatives will be in conflict.moral imperativeBut it is also a moral imperative.Sometimes there's a moral imperative and you feel everything building up behind you that you have to do it.Are moral imperatives stronger than political power?These include the idea of shadow sickness and the moral imperative to keep going-and for others to do so.None the less, the moral imperatives that are intrinsic to the student role will always reassert themselves.That the moral imperative was not a sufficient condition has already been remarked upon.If there are no absolutes or eternal values, then the moral imperative behind such movements evaporates into thin air.If we proceed from prudential to moral imperatives, will the conditions of the choice be fundamentally changed?
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