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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimplicitim‧pli‧cit /ɪmˈplɪsɪt/ ●○○ AWL adjective  1 SUGGESTsuggested or understood without being stated directly opp explicitimplicit criticism/threat/assumption Her words contained an implicit threat. His statement is being seen as implicit criticism of the work of research laboratories.2 formalTHINK SO/NOT BE SURE forming a central part of something, but without being openly statedimplicit in Confidentiality is implicit in your relationship with a counselor.3 COMPLETEcomplete and containing no doubtsimplicit faith/trust/belief They had implicit faith in his powers.implicitly adverb They believed implicitly in their own superiority.
Examples from the Corpus
implicitLevy's statement could be understood as an implicit admission of guilt.The very notion of development and change over time is contained within the notion of implicit and explicit aspects of attitudes.The clause was criticized by some as giving implicit authority to the army to stage further coups should they be deemed necessary.In the case of the land-user, implicit discount rates tend to be very high, particularly for the disadvantaged.Planning and reviewing should be implicit in any team meeting - as much as the actual activity.Sometimes these are clearly stated but more often than not they are implicit in attitudes and actions.Her implicit plan of action is to manage peo-ple in the same fashion she always has.It has to be possible to produce spontaneously original sentences which are based on implicit rules which allow generalisation.The individual receives an implicit yield on money because of its convenience value as a means of payment.implicit criticism/threat/assumptionIn answer, one might presume that implicit justifications can exist to deal with implicit criticisms.The second aspect seems even more important: it warns against false generalisations and implicit assumptions.It relates to two powerful but implicit assumptions in the messages of women's magazines.The implicit assumption is that investors can borrow and lend at the riskless rate of interest.The implicit threat of disease curtailed summer pleasures for the children of the polio years.Is there not an implicit threat of legal proceedings in even the first demand for payment of a debt?We begin interactions with an implicit assumption that other people determine and control their behaviour.A wartime usefulness was found and implicit criticisms were not developed.implicit inImplicit in the article is the message that single mothers are responsible for poverty.implicit faith/trust/beliefHayman had implicit trust in his hit-men, especially against some one he regarded as an old, rusty, washed-up veteran.Today few fund managers have such implicit faith in property as an inflation-proof investment.The important thing to remember is to have implicit faith in the instrument indications, ignoring any contrary physical sensations.
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