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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimpoliteim‧po‧lite /ˌɪmpəˈlaɪt◂/ adjective  RUDE/IMPOLITEnot polite syn rude an impolite remarkit is impolite (of somebody) (to do something) Would it be impolite of me to ask exactly where you’ve been?impolitely adverb
Examples from the Corpus
impoliteBear this in mind when you feel impatient or impolite.She had no wish to appear impolite but there was something about the man that made her cringe.It is impolite not to eat what you are served at a dinner party.It is thought impolite to accuse voters, sometimes called people, of having in any way failed.So, don't let me, ever again, hear that you have been impolite to any of the sisters.It's impolite to challenge their integrity, the veracity of their self-expression.But it would be impolite to leave in the middle of the band's set.Emmie thought it would be impolite to Mrs Sargent to let her see the clothes she had bought looking like that.It would have been impolite to refuse so Elisa found herself back in the sitting room.
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