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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimportantlyim‧por‧tant‧ly /ɪmˈpɔːtəntli $ -ɔːr-/ ●●○ adverb  1 [sentence adverb]IMPORTANT used to show that your next statement or question is more, equally etc important than what you said beforemore/most/less/equally importantly Most importantly, you must keep a record of everything you do.2 IMPORTANTin a way that shows you think that what someone is saying or doing is important He strode importantly into the room.
Examples from the Corpus
importantlyThese were accompanied, more importantly, by social policies aimed at encouraging early retirement.She walked importantly into the boss's office.Even more importantly, it supplied many mid-Victorian feminists with a critical perspective on existing social relations.More importantly, it was regarded as a distraction from the real issues of environment and development.We had a fraud-free election, and most importantly, record turnouts.Much more importantly, the Dodgers were always a rock of decency and consistency in a sea of disgusting behavior.But more importantly, the network compromised itself repeatedly.It is also, most importantly, user-friendly.more/most/less/equally importantlyHowever, aldosterone is also regulated by sodium and potassium levels and more importantly by the renin-angiotensin system.The station was only five minutes away; more importantly, food was only five minutes away.Even more importantly, I completely lacked business experience in certain vital parts of the world.I received good knowledgeable advice, that worked. and most importantly, I was treated like a human being.If food is kept for too long its taste will deteriorate and, more importantly, it may become harmful.Perhaps most importantly, the computer interface greatly facilitates both obtaining and recording a complete medical history.But more importantly, they can make or break political careers.On Bourdieu's account these producers are most importantly understood through their habitus, and through their individual strategies and collective struggles.
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