1 adjective
im‧pos‧si‧ble1 S2 W2

can't be done

something that is impossible cannot happen or be done [≠ possible]COLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
it is impossible (for somebody) to do something make something impossible find it impossible to do something prove impossible (=be impossible, because you have tried but not succeeded) virtually/almost/practically/nearly impossible well-nigh impossible (=almost impossible) absolutely/utterly impossible seemingly impossible (=seeming to be impossible) physically impossible impossible task impossible feat (=something that is impossible to do) impossible dream (=something you want but that will never happen) difficult, if not impossible (=difficult, and perhaps impossible)
'I want to speak to Mr Franks.' 'I'm afraid that's impossible.'
It's impossible to be accurate about these things.
The noise made sleep impossible.
Members with young children often found it impossible to attend evening meetings.
It is difficult to find work these days, but for blind people it is virtually impossible.
He was faced with a seemingly impossible task.
It was physically impossible to get the fridge through the door.
Six months ago, peace seemed an impossible dream.
Such mental attitudes are difficult, if not impossible, to change.


a situation that is impossible is one that you cannot deal with:
We were in an impossible situation. Whatever we decided to do would upset someone.
Helen's refusal to cooperate put me in an impossible position.
His attitude is making life impossible for the rest of the team.
He was facing impossible odds.


behaving in a very unreasonable and annoying way:
Oh, you're just impossible!
impossibly adverb:
Some sales managers think selling abroad is impossibly difficult.
impossibility noun [uncountable and countable]
100 percent airline security is a practical impossibility.

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