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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimpostorim‧pos‧tor, imposter /ɪmˈpɒstə $ ɪmˈpɑːstər/ noun [countable]  PRETENDsomeone who pretends to be someone else in order to trick people The nurse was soon discovered to be an impostor.
Examples from the Corpus
impostorIt was not the real Dr Frazer but an impostor.At heart I felt like a fraud, an impostor.This will enable visitors to your site to confirm that they really are doing business with you, not an impostor.The man registered at a Las Vegas hotel as Dustin Hoffman, and it wasn't until he left without paying his bill, that people realized he was an impostor.The interviews were already published when it was discovered that he was an impostor.The President had a telephone conversation with an impostor claiming to be Iran's president.He knew I was no impostor, from the screening at the Valve.The impostors allegedly traveled to different testing site to take the exams, showing fake drivers' licenses or military identifications.The grueling events of this century should long ago have stripped the luster from those two impostors.People were impostors and children were nothing but the promise of broken bones.
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