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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimpreciseim‧pre‧cise /ˌɪmprɪˈsaɪs◂/ AWL adjective  CLEAR/EASY TO UNDERSTANDnot clear or exact opp precise, exact vague imprecise estimates Alcohol affects the brain, making speech slurred and imprecise.imprecisely adverbimprecision /-ˈsɪʒən/ noun [uncountable] an imprecision in the terminology
Examples from the Corpus
impreciseThe rhythms are very useful, even though quite imprecise.His use of language is vague and imprecise.Many of the terms used in this book are imprecise.She gave me directions to the hotel, but they were, shall we say, somewhat imprecise.Although the word reengineering dominates business jargon, as a metaphor for organizational change, it has become wildly imprecise.Furthermore the sense in which we describe certain dilemmas, impulses, intuitions, or decisions as moral ones is notoriously imprecise.If the neurons control speech, words slur and become increasingly imprecise.imprecise estimatesIs knowledge lost from memory or does it change, becoming vague and imprecise, or distorted, or disconnected and fragmented?In particular, how does it come about that the imprecise quantum world yields a precise answer when it is experimentally interrogated?
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