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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimprovedim‧proved /ɪmˈpruːvd/ ●●○ adjective [usually before noun]  BETTERbetter than before improved performance Our washing powder now has a new improved formula.
Examples from the Corpus
improveda detergent with a new improved formulaSo will our improved I.T. systems.This vastly improved information system means that doctors can see patients' medical histories at the flick of a switch.The sugarmill at Torreão outdistanced all its rivals through improved machinery and good management by its owner.Perhaps you'd like to have a look at our new improved model?Blake says how pleased he is with the firm's improved performance, acknowledging the considerable efforts and progress it has made.Second, Compact offers an incentive to improved performance within areas which schools are already tackling.Catalytic converter technology would be forced to advance at a much improved rate, showing that F1 does indeed improve motoring in general.The great infectious epidemics responded to a combination of improved sanitation and hygiene, vaccination programmes and antibiotics.Garrett believes the new system will allow him to lower prices and provide improved service to customers.They're the most improved team in the league.This would enable improved therapeutic strategies to be properly evaluated.It was claimed that this gives an improved warmth to weight ratio of around 25 percent and decreased bulk.new improvedThese are the new improved, biological, whiter than white heroes.Hollywood's slick public relations machine has produced a new improved model of a young movie star.It was the start of a new improved relationship between the royal couple.The new improved varieties have virtually no green in the leaf colour at all.
From Longman Business Dictionaryimprovedim‧proved /ɪmˈpruːvd/ adjective [only before a noun] better than beforeimproved banking arrangementsthe introduction ofnew and improved products
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