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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimpudentim‧pu‧dent /ˈɪmpjədənt/ adjective formal or old-fashioned  rude and showing no respect to other people syn cheekyimpudence noun [uncountable] He stared at me with a mixture of impudence and hostility.
Examples from the Corpus
impudentShe didn't think the child's questions were endearing -- just impudent.In a society still shackled by regulations and bureaucracy he was astonishingly impudent.On the cover was a picture on an impudent boy sticking out his tongue.an impudent childStraightening himself, Muster stared at the impudent impediment.Nevertheless, he somehow bribed his way out of hospital to shoot down an impudent intruder strafing his base.I swim here with Byron because I dread to swim alone, and tolerate all his impudent remarks.Not withstanding a single impudent win by a mountain biker in 1989, it would appear that the subject is now closed.He was curious to remember where he'd seen that impudent young face before.
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