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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimpureim‧pure /ɪmˈpjʊə $ -ˈpjʊr/ adjective  1 PUREnot pure or clean, and often consisting of a mixture of things instead of just one opp pure drug dealers selling impure heroin2 old-fashionedBAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONS impure thoughts, feelings etc are morally bad because they are about sex – sometimes used humorously He tried, without success, to rid his mind of any impure thoughts about Julia.
Examples from the Corpus
impureBrethren, a branch that believed in keeping itself pure of false doctrine by avoiding association with the impure.Even more important is the statement that nothing can be done to aid the unjust and impure after death.She considers thin distinction between the pure and the impure an essential part of social order.The last sample was impure and quite useless for manufacturing purposes.New laws restrict the sale of impure chemicals.Nothing impure could touch his lasting image of Regine.This latter case is analogous to the melting of a highly impure crystal.impure drugsUpholders of the scientific faith shudder at the implications of having to mix it with such irredeemably subjective and impure elements.
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