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in a huff

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin a huffin a huffBAD-TEMPEREDfeeling angry or bad-tempered, especially because someone has offended yougo off/walk off/leave etc in a huff She stormed out in a huff. huff
Examples from the Corpus
in a huffHe retired to his basket in a huff and I went off to the supermarket in a quandary.I felt I ought to have gone in earlier; that now I had put him in a huff.Michelle got mad and left in a huff.McCloskey, in a huff, went to the University of Iowa.Did Parks stomp off in a huff like some injured prima donna, some egomaniac?Owen went off in a huff and read the papers.He was still in a huff that she was planning to take Petey along to the meeting that night.
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