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in a minute

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin a minutein a minutePMNvery soon Wait here. I’ll be back in a minute. Mr Gregson will be with you in a minute. minute
Examples from the Corpus
in a minuteThere was blood everywhere and in minutes the whole scene looked like Custer's Last Stand.Ten minutes after the break Middlesbrough suddenly burst into attack with two good chances in a minute.As for water, that would come in minute drops from the cactus.I would have married her in a minute.I've got a meeting with Liz in a minute.The firm says its key target is persuading busy young mums that Spam makes an easy meal in minutes.Perhaps in a minute or two the door would open again and there would be ... who?Interleukin-2 is normally present in minute quantities in the microscopic local environment of lymphocytes and acts only upon those few cells.Streams swell in minutes and waterfalls get a sudden new lease of life.Tell him we'll be there in a minute.Selenium, a substance in crude oil, is toxic to wildlife in minute levels.
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