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in a new/different/bad etc light

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin a new/different/bad etc lightin a new/different/bad etc lightUNDERSTANDif someone or something is seen or shown in a particular light, people can see that particular part of their character I suddenly saw my father in a new light. This incident will put the company in a very bad light. light
Examples from the Corpus
in a new/different/bad etc lightSo let us fantasise, and see industry and agriculture in a new light.They perch too far away in bad light.He found there a country whose characteristics cast the philosophy of birth control in a new light.I've seen him at a distance, I've seen him in bad light.It makes you think about those sullen high schoolers in a different light, see their lives along a time line.But, like the National Health Service, education could be seen in a different light.I think we both saw young Mr Venn in new lights, and they were neither favorable nor unfavorable, just new.They literally saw the whole world in a new light.
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