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in a row

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin a rowin a rowSERIEShappening a number of times, one after the other syn consecutively4 nights/3 weeks etc in a row She’s been out four nights in a row. I’ve beaten her three times in a row. row
Examples from the Corpus
in a rowThere they were, those pretty young girls all in a row, wearing standardized bathing suits, glamour gowns and smiles.After 4 defeats in a row.Whitley scored eight goals in a row, three of them in 61 seconds, to win 9-6.Colley the Mason came blundering through the crowds, treading on the sick laid out in rows on the ground.The shop is one of several in a row in the grade two listed terrace.Already struggling, the Browns slipped into chaos, losing six in a row and finishing 5-11.The club has lost six of nine games, three in a row and all three this spring to the Braves.Yes, the Sonics have fallen in the first round two years in a row.
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