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in a tight corner/spot

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin a tight corner/spotin a tight corner/spotinformalPROBLEM in a difficult situation He’s a good man to have around if ever you’re in a tight corner. ‘Did something go wrong?’ ‘Let’s just say I got into a bit of a tight spot.’ tight
Examples from the Corpus
in a tight corner/spotDrawbacks are the introduction of a bit more slop in the system and the potential for reduced access in tight spots.Or a mite more forgiving in a tight spot?The better choice here is a crescent-pattern spanner which has angled jaws so that it can be reversed in tight corners.You're in a tight spot.Did people in tight corners always turn to her?And now here was I in a tight corner and was I going to use violence?Eight extra bullets in a tight spot could mean the difference between life and death.However, employers could find themselves in a tight corner if they attempted to increase employee contributions or reduce benefits.
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