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in all

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin allin allincluding every thing or person In all, there were 215 candidates. We received £1,550 in cash and promises of another £650, making £2,200 in all. all
Examples from the Corpus
in allI think there were about 25 of us in all.The product identifier should be noted carefully and either the identifier or the title used in all further operations for this product.There it stood, covered with faux snow in all its V-8-powered glory.Despite the problems with groups they remain a major fact of life in all organizations.Thereafter 3 sets of 10 repetitions should be used for most exercises in all routines.Braces came in all sizes and types.Intrinsic factor and hydrogen-potassium ATPase activity were found in all specimens, including those of 13 and 15 weeks' gestation.When you bury a veggie in all that fat, do the benefits outweigh the risks?I must confess that in all the times I read Madame Bovary, I never noticed the heroine's rainbow eyes.
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