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in all likelihood

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin all likelihoodin all likelihoodPROBABLYalmost certainly If I refused, it would in all likelihood mean I’d lose my job. likelihood
Examples from the Corpus
in all likelihoodIn all likelihood, Davis will be traded to the Dallas Cowboys.Stress is high, but in all likelihood, enough things are going well to keep you afloat for now.That necessary ditching, in all likelihood, will now be done in time for the next election.I shall die when I am between seventy-five and eighty, in all likelihood.Principally, says Stern, because Molto is, in all likelihood, not going to testify.After all, my reputation is in all likelihood blasted in any event.Ray, in all likelihood, would refuse.Nader's presidential run, in all likelihood, will cost Gore the White House.Ten thousand dollars, which in all likelihood has been accruing interest all this time.
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