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in all probability

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin all probabilityin all probabilityPROBABLYvery probably Mistakes could and, in all probability, would occur. probability
Examples from the Corpus
in all probabilityIn all probability, Kelsey will resign by the end of the year.In all probability, parts of the church date from even earlier than the twelfth century.That the fox was exhausted is questionable for it did gain the cover of the woods and in all probability survived.He did not because in all probability he did not know himself.You will not be in a condition to care about shaving, for example, for a few days in all probability anyway.He graded it an unlikely E7 6c - unlikely in that it is, in all probability, much harder.The tamarin will be preserved, in all probability, only if zoos throughout the world cooperate in breeding programmes.My dear little Louisa too is just at a critical age, teething in all probability.She knew that, in all probability, he was seeing other women as well as herself.We knew that we were in all probability going to die before the day was gone.This wider region will in all probability reflect the district, regional or area organisation and/or competition structure of many governing bodies.
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