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in alliance (with somebody/something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin alliance (with somebody/something)in alliance (with somebody/something)TOGETHERif two groups, countries etc are in alliance, they work together to achieve something or protect each another Relief workers in alliance with local charities are trying to help the victims. alliance
Examples from the Corpus
in alliance (with somebody/something)The parents, after all, often are in alliance with the hospital psychiatrists.In the fifth century the popes embarked, in alliance with the local aristocracy, on a programme of urban renewal.What is crucial for learners to know is how grammar functions in alliance with words and contexts for the achievement of meaning.In 524 he attacked Godomar, in alliance with the Ostrogoths, but he was killed at Vézeronce.The political imperatives are those choices faced by states, either solely or in alliance with others.Late in life she campaigned against capital punishment, in alliance with William Allen of Guy's Hospital.Whether Eowa was in alliance with Oswald in 642 or 643, it is impossible to say.
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