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in/at the vanguard (of something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin/at the vanguard (of something)in/at the vanguard (of something)ADVANCEDin the most advanced position of development The shop has always been in the vanguard of London fashion trends. vanguard
Examples from the Corpus
in/at the vanguard (of something)Kerry was on his older bike, riding between Ronny Taskin and Alistair in the vanguard of a flock of other boys.For it is the non-elite institutions that are in the vanguard of recruiting non-standard students.California leads the nation in shifting to managed care, with San Diego County in the vanguard.Poland put itself at the vanguard of Eastern Europe's democratic revolution.These preferences, of course, placed the Wiener Werkstatte squarely in the vanguard of Modernism.The crowd began to advance upon the threesome, and Omally was in the vanguard.The prototype was in the vanguard of technical development.They were in the vanguard of the religious revolutionaries.
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