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in care

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin carein careBritish EnglishSSF a child who is in care is being looked after by the government, not by their parents When he was sent to prison, the children were taken into care. care
Examples from the Corpus
taken into careThey informed me that my Mom had been taken into hospital and I was to be taken into care until she recovered.It was just a few days after eight children from the W family from South Ronaldsay had been taken into care.The children have since been taken into care.The last thing I wanted on my mind was my daughter being taken into care.For an orphan or a child taken into care, the institution involved constitutes the family.Some feel they are unable to cope and the child is taken into care with a view to fostering.Gemma was taken into care by Hammersmith and Fulham social services.Daniel, then six months old, was taken into care.
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