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in case of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin case of somethingin case of somethingIFused to describe what you should do in a particular situation, especially on official notices In case of fire, break the glass. case
Examples from the Corpus
in case of somethingIn case of fire, break the glass and push the alarm button.He seized the assets of all those he held, doubtless exceeding his authority in cases of the very wealthy.Does not the court indicate that it is necessary to inquire into the adequacy of the consideration in cases of this type?It was held that the contract requirement that they be packed in cases of 30 was part of the contract description.Mubsan is a legal concept; it comes into play in cases of adultery, where it can increase the penalty.But buy some reserve seeds in case of crop failures or for successive sowings of fast-maturing varieties such as lettuce and radishes.They also requisitioned rice, storing it for their troops in case of Allied landings.The time has come when, in cases of new import, we should decide them according to the reason of the thing.At the same time, fever can make us worse in cases of widespread blood infection, or sepsis.
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