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in conjunction with somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin conjunction with somebody/somethingin conjunction with somebody/somethingWITHworking, happening, or being used with someone or something else The worksheets are designed to be used in conjunction with the new coursebooks. conjunction
Examples from the Corpus
in conjunction with somebody/somethingSo an electrically-operated flow valve was developed, in conjunction with Silsoe, to replace the air-actuated system.You may want to refer to it in conjunction with this section.Today they are out doing an excavation, looking for whatever is down there in conjunction with their theme on dinosaurs.Repeat trials in conjunction with Silsoe Research Institute are under way to confirm that potential.Increasingly U-series dates are being used in conjunction with electron spin resonance dates using the same materials.But this is only possible when it is used in conjunction with the Maker's will and under the Master's instructions.International driver's licenses are only valid in conjunction with a state license.
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