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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin-depthˈin-depth adjective [only before noun]  COMPLETEthorough, complete, and considering all the detailsin-depth study/research/analysis etc an in-depth study of patients’ needs a series of in-depth interviews
Examples from the Corpus
in-depthThe News Network will offer in-depth coverage of Parliament.See chapter 6 for an in-depth discussion of this topic.The aim of the neighbourhood studies was to obtain in-depth information from a number of selected communities.The study is based on in-depth interviews with a nationally representative sample of 1,500 US households.We shall be conducting a series of in-depth interviews with economic experts.They caused no injuries but sparked the in-depth investigation in late February, which was extended for an additional four months.There are more in-depth issues I can deal with in a real film.Prospective customers should always be on the look-out for good communication skills and an in-depth knowledge of the hotel trade.And when it reaches you, it's backed by in-depth network hardware support - which includes on-site maintenance.Government officials are working out details of the plan, with the result of an in-depth overview expected around Easter.The use of in-depth qualitative methods is relatively untried in driver research, but here is shown to be most valuable.The committee has ordered an in-depth study of juvenile crime.Research is concentrated on two specific areas, so that each receives in-depth survey and analysis.in-depth study/research/analysis etcThe meeting therefore set the stage for further in-depth analysis.Many high schools also have rearranged their schedules to give students time for in-depth study and for workplace experiences.Nine schools in three Midlands LEAs, will be identified for in-depth study, following a questionnaire survey.A case-study involves the in-depth study of a single example of whatever it is that the sociologist wishes to investigate.They do this by comparing many countries, few countries, or they provide in-depth studies of single countries.An in-depth study of the production of hand-written illuminated manuscripts by medieval monks.Stoves conduct exhaustive in-depth research to find out exactly what customers want from their cookers.The principal method of investigation is in-depth studies with companies in different industries who are using Quality Circles.
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