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in descending order (of something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin descending order (of something)in descending order (of something)ORDER/SEQUENCEnumbers, choices etc that are in descending order are arranged from the highest or most important to the lowest or least important The hotels are listed in descending order of price. descend
Examples from the Corpus
in descending order (of something)Follow these steps to re-sort our table in descending order: 1.We also want this table sorted by the amount that the clients owe in descending order.The table is now sorted in descending order according to the Amount field, as shown in figure 11. 5.It will allocate them in descending order from the highest priced bid to the lowest.The groups were themselves divided, in descending order, into offices, divisions, and branches.The balance sheet in Table 16.2 shows the various sterling assets of the recognized banks in descending order of liquidity.Another beneficial trick is to re-order the rows and columns of a table in descending order of marginal totals.The table indicates which categories each of the six companies found useful; the categories are listed in descending order of usefulness.
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