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in (direct) contradiction to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin (direct) contradiction to somethingin (direct) contradiction to somethingDIFFERENTin a way that is opposite to a belief or statement Your behaviour is in direct contradiction to the principles you claim to have. contradiction
Examples from the Corpus
in (direct) contradiction to somethingDelusions are based on wishes too, but they are in contradiction to reality.There are thus no circumstances in which the Chewong may behave in contradiction to their ideologically constructed concept of human nature.He sees the trajectory of his industrial social formation in contradiction to meeting fundamental human and social needs.Will there not be a continuity of evolution implied, in contradiction to our postulated discontinuous collapse?Schor's evidence is in direct contradiction to the neo-classical income / leisure trade-off model outlined above.Hatred is in contradiction to Christian values.This was totally in contradiction to Mr Venables' claim that he was promised security of tenure.Many broadcasters felt that they were expected not to say anything on the air which was in contradiction to Government policy.Of course, our bodily forms and somewhat disorganized working systems were in contradiction to their understanding of the correct codes of policing.
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