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in equal measure

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin equal measurein equal measureused when the amount of one thing is the same as the amount of another thing I was angry and embarrassed in equal measure. measure
Examples from the Corpus
in equal measureBlanche was irritated and entertained by his nervous chatter in equal measure.He was jeered and cheered in equal measure by a group of about 100 students at the entrance.I was angry and embarrassed in equal measure and hated them.Bishop had known what was happening: the Guild of Adjudicators was famed and feared in equal measure amongst the Earth colonies.By avoiding tax, you can enjoy power and luxury in equal measure.Her doubts about its truth do not, in equal measure, dislodge her belief.Neil Young commands fear and respect in equal measure.Advertising proved a more fertile category, with decisions which set heads nodding and shaking in equal measure.
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