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in every way

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin every wayin every wayALL/EVERYTHINGin all ways The school’s much better now in every way. every
Examples from the Corpus
in every wayTamara was his equal in every way.Shanti and Chris were very helpful in every way, and Shanti's ready laughter and general cheerfulness was a great comfort.These two dresses are identical in every way , except for the price tag.If you make a copy of a file, the copy is identical in every way, except in name.He would spit on people and resist in every way he could.She was the one who was standing still, frozen in every way into herself.I hope that my hon. Friend will consider its application sympathetically and support the hospital in every way that she can.During these past weeks he had tried in every way to get her out of his mind.Terry, for her part, tried in every way to keep her parents from finding out how desperately ill she was.And we should all support it in every way we can.
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