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in full view of somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin full view of somebodyin full view of somebodySEEso that all the people in a place can see, especially when this is embarrassing or shocking The argument happened on stage in full view of the audience. full
Examples from the Corpus
in full view of somebodySeveral, standing on the balcony in full view of the crowd, taunted their enemies below.He spent the interval in full view of the enemy, drinking tea.It would be about two and a half miles downstream but in full view of the Falls.We all wash up, standing in front of the kitchen sink, in full view of everyone else.The long, hard battle for the nomination, fought in full view of the television cameras, was exciting to watch.We made our way to the lighthouse, in full view of the temple, and dropped anchors.At 11am they were already taking files out of their headquarters, in full view of the villagers.The Martins, told to give their tape to McDermott, did so in full view of witnesses.
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