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in good/poor etc repair

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin good/poor etc repairin good/poor etc repairCONDITION/STATE OF somethingin good or bad condition Garden tools should be kept in good repair. repair
Examples from the Corpus
in good/poor etc repairThe gallery is a very fine example and in good repair.Specific buildings, notably those on Castle Hill, including the cathedral and palaces, are restored and in good repair.It was the only door on Dreadnought which could be considered in good repair.Or Arthur McAlister; who had taken the responsibility of having their lawn mowed and keeping the house in good repair.Almost 40% of unfit properties, and 35% of properties in poor repair, were occupied by people aged 60 and over.Drains: A properly constructed system, in good repair, does not normally require cleaning.The power station was in poor repair, and Smith set about installing new insulators and restoring good practice.The fences on either side of the track were in poor repair and in April 1965 children were seen on the line.
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