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in (good) trim

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin (good) trimin (good) triminformal in good conditionkeep/get (something) in trim If you want to get in trim for summer, try aerobics. My job was to keep the garden in trim. trim
Examples from the Corpus
in (good) trimThe 6,000 middle-grade employees who work there are technically outstanding and in good trim.To this day Souness is obsessed with fitness, healthy dieting, pectoral pride and keeping his body in trim.You get in trim, he gets to drink more turpentine, and everybody's happy.Fruit bushes, roses and other plants can be kept in trim with ease, keeping your garden tidy all year round.All that time I've kept myself in trim.I need to keep my voice in trim since I still perform as a narrator.It is, and keeping yourself in trim is very important when you're not working.
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