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in hand

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin handin handa) if something is in hand, it is being done or dealt with Plans are in hand to perform ‘Oz’ next semester. Lisa seemed to have things in hand by the time he returned.job/task/matter etc in hand Our officers have to concentrate 100 per cent on the task in hand.take somebody in hand (=begin to deal with someone’s problems etc) b) British English if you work a week, a month etc in hand, you do not get paid until after you have worked two weeks, two months etc c) British English if you have time, money etc in hand, you have it available I usually have a few days’ leave in hand at the end of the year. d) British English if a team or player has a game in hand in a competition, they still have another game to play in which they could gain more points hand
Examples from the Corpus
take somebody in handI had been so horrified by Jason Purvis' physical condition that, almost unwittingly, I had taken him in hand.At last Zeus saw that he must take the matter in hand.Oedipus took the matter in hand with energy.Flanner, eight years older, took her in hand, guided her to theater, concerts, and exhibitions.She took herself in hand, the essay she told herself firmly had to be shelved: one step before the other.Matters were further complicated when MI5 decided to take it in hand.The government will have to take matters in hand.He looked like a man who might be able to make something of himself if a good woman took him in hand.