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in house

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin housein houseBECif you work in house, you work at the offices of a company or organization, not at home in-house house
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in-houseˌin-ˈhouse adjective, adverb  BBCIN/INSIDEworking within a company or organization We have an in-house training unit. The keyboarding is done in-house.
Examples from the Corpus
in-houseAll of our product design is done in-house.All our artwork is done by in-house designers; we don't normally use freelance people.Many companies run in-house management courses for their staff.an in-house training program
From Longman Business Dictionaryin-housein-ˈhouse adverbHUMAN RESOURCES if a job is done in-house, it is done within an organization, especially by the organization’s own staffMost of its advertising continues to be handled in-house.Government agencies discover they can pay less by contracting out jobs instead of doing them in-house.in-house adjectiveMany businesses are introducing in-house training.the top in-house lawyer of General Electric Co
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