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in/into a (flat) spin

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin/into a (flat) spinin/into a (flat) spinCONFUSEDWORRIEDif you are in a spin, you are very confused and anxious The sudden fall on the stock market sent brokers into a spin. spin
Examples from the Corpus
in/into a (flat) spinBut Yoyo, just frozen in a spin, happens to look up and see him.Incidentally, if an aircraft is very difficult to get into a spin, it also may be very difficult to recover.After decent dousing on Splash Mountain, need to go into spin cycle to dry off.EuroDisney, ahead of Thursday's figures, was in a spin.At four hundred feet he hadn't enough altitude from which he could recover if he went into a spin.The tundras will drag you into a spin.
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