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in isolation (from something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin isolation (from something)in isolation (from something)ALONEif something exists or is considered in isolation, it exists or is considered separately from other things that are connected with it The future of health care cannot be considered in isolation from economic factors. isolation
Examples from the Corpus
in isolation (from something)It is now clear that the two can not take place effectively in isolation from each other.Does it really make sense to conceive of a tutorial existing in isolation?That is, in considering the effects upon one industry in isolation we have ignored any repercussions throughout industry as a whole.He and his family lived in isolation in the hillside village of Botunje, six miles outside of Kragujevac.In fact, many childhood difficulties may not, in isolation, raise psychiatric risk at all.Men in small rooms, in isolation.I roamed around archways leading nowhere and windows framed by stone walls standing in isolation.For instance, if environmental changes are capricious, the animal's migration viewed in isolation will also be capricious.
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