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in large part/measure

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin large part/measurein large part/measureformalMOST mostly Their success was due in large part to their ability to speak Spanish. large
Examples from the Corpus
in large part/measureRealism is now out of fashion, in large part as a consequence of those silly semantic claims.This continuity can be explained in large part by the nature of the superstructure.My conception of postmodernist de-differentiation via an aesthetics of desire was also in large part dependent on Lyotard's work.As it turns out, the fears that govern such organizations derive in large part from invalid or negative core beliefs.Alvin had always made it plain that his company existed in large part to provide work for black dancers.This is due in large part to the national officers and to yourselves and your colleagues.Whether the high jumper can requalify against stiff competition depends in large part upon the other big change: her takeoff.
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