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in later years/life

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin later years/lifein later years/lifeLATEwhen someone is older Using a sunscreen when you are young helps you to have healthy skin in later years. later
Examples from the Corpus
in later years/lifeBuying two wooden spoons can be more fun at this time than purchasing an expensive set of china in later years.Nor is there any relief from this pattern of underrepresentation in the statistics for the regular admissions program in later years.For these serious psychiatric conditions the onset of new cases in later life appears to be very rare.As a result, the performance in later years could very easily be enhanced.The direct impact of improving health in later life has been relatively recent.Your young daughter's bossy attitude in later life may be channelled into quite acceptable leadership qualities.But, though large, the book is not, like Welles in later life, overweight.Secure attachments early on in life provide inner resources to manage stressful and threatening situations in later years.
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