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in line with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin line with somethingin line with somethingSAMEif something changes in line with something else, it changes in the same way and at the same rate as it Pensions will be increased in line with inflation. line
Examples from the Corpus
in line with somethingThe results it says are in line with analysts' estimates.Wouldn't this be in line with the much-paraded environmental credentials of our major retailers?This was excellent: ambitious, important-and, as it happened, in line with my own growing interests.In the second place, Paul is saying that Christians should live in line with their calling.Fourthquarter 1995 net sales, Digital Link said, were about $ 10 million, in line with year-earlier levels.Since then, the Government has had a statutory responsibility to increase benefits only in line with prices.The results were in line with expectations.
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