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in/of itself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin/of itselfin/of itselfALONEconsidered separately from any other facts There is a slight infection in the lung, which in itself is not serious. itself
Examples from the Corpus
in/of itselfModern-day sportswriting is full of itself.The planning becomes an end in itself.Most colleges have routinely sought to produce qualified student bodies whose mix is in itself an educational experience for those in it.The program creates a copy of itself and causes it to execute; no user intervention is required.Golf is not privileged and much as it likes to think of itself as such, Augusta is not a cathedral.This awareness, in itself, is believed to generate sufficient grief to restore and ensure cooperation.That evidence was, primafacie, of itself sufficient to justify the decision of the magistrate that the applicant should be committed.Clearly, this aspect of our account of habituation is not enough in itself to explain the latent inhibition effect.
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