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in one piece

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin one piecein one pieceINJURE informal if you arrive somewhere in one piece, you are not injured Cheer up. At least you’re still in one piece. Ring Mum and let her know we got here in one piece. piece
Examples from the Corpus
in one pieceThe china arrived all in one piece, thank God.I was extremely relieved when my son came back from the warzone all in one piece.All she wanted was for me to come back in one piece.It would explain how Greg manages to be in one piece while the Lorelei is nothing but a few planks of driftwood.I don't know how we got the piano down in one piece!At one point, maybe, it was when they arrived home in one piece from school.Lowering the tender took care and patience if they wanted to keep it in one piece.All you wanted to do was get out of it in one piece, go home, and get a job.The fatty skin covering should easily lift off in one piece.It should fall out in one piece.When they get there the china cabinet is still in one piece but the budgie is dead.Unlike Ed, Josh returned from the war in one piece.
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