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(in) one way or another/one way or the other

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(in) one way or another/one way or the other(in) one way or another/one way or the otherWAY/METHODused to say that someone does or will do something somehow, although you are not sure how One way or the other he always seems to win. We’ll find the money, one way or another. way
Examples from the Corpus
(in) one way or another/one way or the otherOne way or another, Roberts will pay for what he's done.As you grow older, some of those uncertainties - such as whether or not you are lovable - are settled one way or another.But the fact is that the way we live our lives often assumes a belief about them, one way or another.In one way or another, all these therapies seem to have an effect on the electrical balances of the body.In one way or another, the representatives will be compared with the total client system.In one way or another, whatever happened, instinct told him that they would both survive.Many others were involved in small business issues one way or another.My gut feeling is that one way or another Congress will pull through.Then one way or another he would have to deal with Capshaw.
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