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in our/their midst

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin our/their midstin our/their midstformalINCLUDE in a particular group I fear we have an enemy in our midst. midst
Examples from the Corpus
in our/their midstAs we rushed to prepare to open the Sale there appeared in our midst an unknown young man.He was the weevil in the fruit, according to Rex, the canker in their midst.People living in Surrey Street say they are tired of an unhealthy eyesore in their midst.They insisted that the explosive events occurring in their midst were the work of the Holy Spirit.Downstairs, when Jessica had stormed out, her parents had found themselves remarkably constrained by the stranger in their midst.Another athlete with those same qualities now toils in our midst.But when the others sat for the Scripture readings, Ray McGovern remained upright in their midst, provoking wariness and speculation.The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and working in our midst.
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