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in parallel with somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin parallel with somebody/somethingin parallel with somebody/somethingTIME/AT THE SAME TIMEtogether with and at the same time as something else She wanted to pursue her own career in parallel with her husband’s. parallel
Examples from the Corpus
in parallel with somebody/somethingAt least one and usually two or more wild-type or heterozygous littermates were analysed in parallel with the mutant mice.One is if local elements are arranged in parallel with independent access to the output mechanisms.The research centre provides specialist coursework, in parallel with that provided Faculty-wide on research method and design.With engineering expanding in parallel with car making.Ergonomics also is pushed off-balance because the variety of human work increases in parallel with technology.We believe this should take place in parallel with efforts to raise standards of environmental care in the undesignated countryside.Radical plans for the railway network will be pushed through in parallel with the continuation of the huge road-building programme.The dampers are controlled by small air springs, which work in parallel with the main coil springs.The CIA is working in parallel with the FBI to solve the case.
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