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in phase (with something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin phase (with something)in phase (with something)British EnglishTOGETHER happening together in the right way The electrical work will be carried out in phase with the other renovations. phase
Examples from the Corpus
in phase (with something)The dime stores will close in phases by September 1998.This spreading effect in phase space has another remarkable implication.We are pleased to see that Construction, which did not feature in Phase 1, is strongly represented at 11%.However, we shall be principally interested in phase equilibria involving homogeneous mixtures-that is solutions.But more local biotechs than ever have products in phase three tests, the last stage before approval.Do regions in phase space tend to spread with time or do they not?Consequently the standard formula for the objective row in Phase I applies.The first two months was a run in phase during which patients remained on their usual insulin.
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