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in place of somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin place of somebody/somethingin place of somebody/something (also in somebody’s/something’s place)INSTEAD instead of someone or something else In place of our advertised programme, we will have live coverage of the special memorial service. The company flag had been taken down and in its place hung the Union Jack. If I refused to go, they would send someone else in my place. place
Examples from the Corpus
in place of somebody/somethingIn 1982, there were around 3,200 places available for children and 15,800 for adults in places of residential care.What if we place Professor Summerlee upon the table, within the vacuum flask, in place of the cat?I have used my own translation here in place of Kaufmann's uncharacteristically awkward rendering.Hugh had heroes in place of friends.Skyscrapers are sprouting, shiny car showrooms are opening in place of old state shops.Develop performance-based admissions standards in addition to, or in place of, more traditional entrance requirements.Or make a sweet salsa using mangoes, plums or peaches in place of the tomato, Crivello suggests.Also, solid-surface Corian counters are used in place of tile.Rolled oats can be used in place of wheat flour in making the bread.
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