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in point of fact

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin point of factin point of factformal used when saying that something is true, although it may seem unlikely We were assured that the prisoners were being well treated, when in point of fact they were living in terrible conditions. point
Examples from the Corpus
in point of factIt was clearly something more than a mere mortal storm and in point of fact Juno was back of it.Many people believe surgery is the only answer. In point of fact, a change in diet is often enough.Comrade Preobrazhensky preaches abstraction from politics but in point of fact, apart from politics, there is absolutely nothing in the work.Congar had in point of fact expressed himself cautiously enough, yet several of his books were proscribed.This has, in point of fact, always struck me as behaviour verging on the pathological.What do I say, in point of fact?
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